I think Spring has arrived!

I woke up this morning, expecting snow (again), but it was a lovely bright day. No ice, rain or snow (its a miracle). So I took the kids to school and had to stop to take this photo.


I’m still recovering from last night. I went to the local camera club, I found it very intimidating when I walked in and even more so when I saw all kinds of tripods, lights and umbrella’s being set up. It was great to see a few friendly faces though…which stopped me from legging it out of the place.

I always kick myself for talking to much about rubbish. My mouth seems to go into overdrive. Maybe its nerves? Or just the fact that I’m so out of practise at going out (that sounds sad!) I must learn to be quiet. I think I was even more nervous because it was ‘portrait’ night and Andy had more or less convinced me that there would be a nude model…thanks Andy ๐Ÿ˜‰

Anyway some of the people really know their stuff and a couple of them are very helpful. I always hear Jeremy Clarkson’s voice telling me I’m ‘entusiastic but rubbish’!

Of course the minute I walk out of the camera club door I forget everything. I had a very restless night last night dreaming about apertures and shutter speeds, along with Miley Cyrus singing in my head…..am I the only one that hears music when I’m asleep?

2 thoughts on “I think Spring has arrived!

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  1. Good on you for going to the camera club! I still haven’t plucked up the courage to go to my local camera club yet and I badly need help!!!!

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