Art and mountains

I went to my first art class today. It's something I've always wanted to try and I really enjoyed...even though my photography skills are way better than my art skills. It's safe to say Picasso has nothing to worry about. The people are very friendly and the teacher is great at explaining things. I'm looking... Continue Reading →


I just wanted to share a few photos taken from my phone. Every morning I walk the dog up the lane and these are a few of the photos I've taken over the last few weeks.

Knocknarea – July 2012

I decided to go back up Knocknarea following on from my disastrous climb up there in January. It was a beautiful day on Friday and it really does make it a lovely climb. Of course I tend to stop every five minutes to take photos. The first part of the walk is up a gravel... Continue Reading →


Last night on twitter I was rambling on about where I was going to explore. I'm always looking for new places....but I thought I'd have to go back to one of my old haunts until my twitter friend Vanessa told me about Gortarowey. It's just after Yeats Tavern, a right turn heading to Barnaribbon. It's... Continue Reading →

Giddy up

Today I got to trek around Markree Castle with Caroline from Markree Stables and Ailbhe and Laura. It really is a beautiful place and so nice to see it all on horseback. Major was my horse and he was lovely. He did what he was told and I actually got to canter and stayed in... Continue Reading →

Spring in Sligo

This is an old disused house up the lane. I walk by it everyday with the dog. It's lovely to see the daffodils blooming. It's nice to think that even when people are gone they still leave a trace in someway.

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