Anything to declare?

I was reading this blog earlier which I highly recommend, it’s very funny. The latest post got me thinking about travel problems and there have been a few! When I was a child my parents used to drive from the UK over to Galway to see my Nan about 3 or 4 times a year. […]

You know you’re in Ireland when……

You shout Mary in the street and all the women (and a couple of the men turn around).You get excited by the ‘grand stretch in the evening’. You go into a restaurant for a ‘feed’. Everyone knows someone called Pat and John. People say ‘Howya’ as a form of hello. You aren’t expected to actually […]

Mullaghmore Donkey Derby

Mullaghmore, Sligo was the place to be on August 26th for the All Ireland Donkey Derby. Thankfully the sun was shining which is always a bonus. The was a vintage car display, donkey show, bouncy castles, stalls and of course the donkey race. This being Ireland though nothing starts on time and I was there […]

Our wedding

Yesterday was our 22nd wedding anniversary….where do the years go!? I personally think that I look like Hyacinth Bucket in this photo….or a demented hamster! We got married in Hemel Hempstead where I was living at the time. We got engaged 6 weeks after we met so some people were sceptical (including the vicar who […]

Animals do the funniest things

Well not really the funniest things but I love animals. Rocket-dog seems to have a bit of a thing for cows….here he is getting friendly with a neighbour. I know the photo above is blurred but I think it’s very sweet 🙂 Or how about a hare that looks like he’s riding a tiny bicycle! […]

Spotted on my travels

Over the last week or so I’ve noticed some daft things. The first thing was the sign above in Lidl, Sligo. What a bargain! You save nothing! The next thing was these ‘Self Eat’ Easter sweets in Tesco, Carrick-on-Shannon. Self eat? Well who else is going to eat them? The thing I found the strangest […]