Ten minutes in Hazelwood

Back to Hazelwood this morning.  I was hoping to get some more bluebell pics but things didn't go as planned and we had a little companion on our walk. At first this was fine and Rocket-dog was quite happy with this other little fella tagging along. Then he tried to get a bit 'friendly'!! Rocket-dog... Continue Reading →

Saturday in Boyle

Firstly Happy Mother's Day to anyone celebrating it today. We had ours in March although I may bake a cake later....just because 😉 The photo above is fitting for the day that's in it. I was up bright and early to take Jono to the railway station yesterday as he was going to Dublin so... Continue Reading →

Hazelwood in the rain

I had about twenty minutes to kill today and even though it was pouring with rain I headed to Hazelwood. I'm delighted I did because the bluebells are finally out. The lake was very misty but had a magical feeling about it. I know the feathers above are from the swans but I always think... Continue Reading →

Hoofing around Hazelwood

It was actually sunny this morning....wonders will never cease so I headed over to Hazelwood for a stroll around. It was very cold though but that didn't put off the swans falling in love. It was really quite sweet the way they were dancing around each other. There were a few other people walking and... Continue Reading →

Union Wood

Today I took Rocket-Dog to Union Wood in Collooney. We had a lovely walk and it mostly stayed dry. I was hoping we might catch a glimpse of a deer as the couple of times I've seen them on our lane I haven't had the camera with me. No luck though so we'll have to... Continue Reading →

Lost in Hazelwood

On Thursday I had a bit of time to kill before I had to pick Jono up for an appointment so I decided to go to Hazelwood Forest in Sligo. It's always lovely to walk around there, especially when the sun is shining...which it kind of was on Thursday. The bluebells are still out but... Continue Reading →

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