Frightened and flustered

I had another counselling session today, it's made the things that come up, things I hadn't really thought about. I've realised I'm quite childish, I kind of knew that anyway. I can, on occasion, flounce (in my head anyway). What I didn't realise was how bloody frightened I am most of the time, mainly of... Continue Reading →

I will try to fix you

I've started with a new counsellor and what always amazes me is the things that come up even when you don't realise they even existed. There was a 'light bulb' moment this week when it dawned on me that I try to 'fix people'. This could happen with anyone that I come into contact with.... Continue Reading →

Friday Feelings

I've started having sessions with a new counsellor. So far all I can say is wow! This person has found out more about me in two sessions that I probably knew about myself. She seems to look into my soul and see everything. That's all very deep isn't it? It's certainly making me re-evaluate myself.... Continue Reading →

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