Snow Day

I was in bed this morning listening out for traffic. Usually there is a fair amount of traffic on the road outside our house, this morning I counted two cars. So I dragged myself to the window and sure enough there was fairly deep snow (well for Sligo anyway) so I declared it a snow... Continue Reading →

The first snow of 2015

This morning we woke up to snow in Sligo. I took the first photo on my phone in the back garden - the little white speck is the moon. The next two photos are also taken with the phone. Above is the Garavogue River opposite the council offices. I love the sky in this, a... Continue Reading →

Blue Rosses Point

I was out and about this morning taking photos at the Sligo Triathlon. It was a beautiful day and there was a great turn out. Sometimes I'm not great at talking to people, today was one of those days. There were a lot of photographers there and I felt a bit intimidated so I just... Continue Reading →

I have so much to tell you. We've moved house since my last proper blog and had no Internet for what seemed like ages. So I'll be updating the blog during the next couple of weeks. In the meantime here's a photo I took during the week on Lough Gill, Sligo.

Sligo Sunsets

We've had a lovely few days here in Sligo, it certainly made a change from all the rain we had when we were in Manchester. I've wanted to get a photo of Benbulben with a sunset for years and I managed to get this photo last night. This was Knocknarea last night. We are so... Continue Reading →

Mullaghmore Heritage Walk

Yesterday I went along to explore Mullaghmore. Seatrails were holding a heritage walk so it was a brilliant opportunity for me to find out more about the area and to experience a Seatrails walk. I was in good company, along with award-winning travel writer Pól Ó Conghaile, Auriel from Seatrails, author and historian Joe McGowan... Continue Reading →

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