Riverside Memories

I was walking down by the Garavogue River in Sligo town recently (from the bank to my car in case anyone gives out that I wasn't on essential business). It got me thinking about my memories connected to the river. I remembered the wonderful fireworks at the finale of the Fleadh Cheoil. That event took... Continue Reading →

Up to the caves

We've had some really lousy weather recently and it has made me very lazy. I'd normally go out for regular walks but the weather put a halt to my gallop, this morning I made myself go out. I had to go to Ballymote anyway (check out the baker truck there on Thursday and Saturday mornings),... Continue Reading →

Lost in the Woods

I went off exploring today. One positive from staying within the 5km where I live is finding new places, or exploring old places. I parked in Glen Wood, which is a lovely forest walk but I was looking for the famine village that I visited previously with the Coolaney Drawing Group. Before I went looking... Continue Reading →

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