My Leitrim Suggestions

I first published this post during lockdown when we were allowed to go exploring. It might be of interest to this of you looking for outdoor walks and places to visit in Leitrim. There is quite a lot of Leitrim that I haven’t explored yet so this isn’t an extensive list but there are some gems in it that I hope you enjoy.

Glencar Waterfall

Glencar Waterfall. Probably one of the best known locations on the list. A beautiful waterfall located across the road from Glencar Lake. It’s a lovely short walk up to the waterfall, I’d recommend going after a rain shower or even during one to see it at its best.

Manorhamilton Castle

The heritage trail in Manorhamilton. A self-guided walk through the town taking in many of the historical locations. You’ll start at Manorhamilton Castle and work your way around the town visiting the workhouse site and more. There’s a handy map here:

green bridge
Milltown Woods

Milltown Woods, one of my favourite places in Leitrim. The River Bonet runs through these woods and it’s just so peaceful walking around there, listening to the water rushing and the birds singing.

Fowley’s Falls

Fowley’s Falls – often overlooked but absolutely stunning. Enjoy a 3km forest walk which ends at these magnificent falls. If you have time and if the centre is open continue on to The Organic Centre, acres of orchards, a sensory garden, polytunnels and more.

Glenade Lake

Glenade Drive. Take a spin into a glacial valley that is said to be home to Ireland’s answer to the Lough Ness Monster. Glenade is also known as Jealous Valley and Glenade Lake has a tale to tell. In the 1700’s Grainne, a local lady, was washing clothes at the lake when her husband heard her scream. He ran to see what was happening and found she had been killed by a Dobhar-chú (half dog, half water creature). He stabbed the Dobhar-chú and as it was dying it wailed and called it’s mate which arose from the lake and chased the man – after a long chase the man killed this Dobhar-chú as well. If you visit you Conwall Cemetery close to the lake you will see a gravestone where Grainne is said to be laid to rest and on that gravestone is a carving of the Dobhar-chú. Keep a look out for the old Irish telephone box too.

Glenade Phonebox
Lough MacNean

Explore Glenfarne Demesne which is situated on the shores of Lough MacNean. The lake marks the border of Leitrim, Cavan and Fermanagh. It’s a really beautiful area with lovely forest walks and a sculpture trail. Suitable for walks or cycles. There’s a trail map here:

Dromahair walkway to Creevylea

Dromahair is a lovely village. Park near the Abbey Hotel and take the walkway to Creevylea Abbey along the banks of the River Bonet, it’s a very pretty area and well worth exploring.

Troll Wood

Near Dromahair you’ll find Cartron or Troll Wood. This is a lovely forest walk alongside a river, there are signs to warn you of trolls, so it’s a bit of fun for the kids too. Let me know if you spot a troll.

Carrick on Shannon

Enjoy a walk down by the river in Carrick-on-Shannon, watch the swans glide by and check out the boats. On a clear day the reflections are gorgeous. There’s a little biodiversity garden there too which is well worth a look.

Acres Lake Floating Boardwalk

The floating boardwalk over Acres Lake in Drumshanbo. You can actually walk on water! It’s a lovely walk, watching the dragonflies darting around the waterlilies. The water is so clear you can see the tiny fish swimming. It’s a beautiful walk.

The Blueway

Check out the Blueway too, you can walk, cycle or kayak along the waterway. It’s just something very special. Keep a look out for kingfishers and all other kinds of wildlife. Find out more about the Blueway on this website

So there you have it, some of my suggestions in Leitrim. As I said I know there are many more but it’s a county I haven’t explored fully yet. I’ve added a map which you can view here:

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  1. Thank you for the link to things to see in Leitrim. I am From South Leitrim but live in Mayo for many years and sad to say most of the places you mention I have never visited, a few I have, but some day soon I’ll take a trip and get out of the car to take it all in. All the best Mary R. Reilly

  2. Brilliant review, really captures the beauty of the Glens of Leitrim. When visiting Miltown Woods take a short walk up to visit the village of Lurganboy its home to one of only two tin churchs in Ireland, the other being in Co Wicklow. Wonderful to know that most of these scenic spots will all be soon connected by bike with the construction of the SLNCR Greenway.

  3. It’s gorgeous – I remember once driving over the Ox mountains it was surreal absolutely blew my mind . Still can’t believe how many years I spent missing this beautiful county..

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