Heart of Ireland – Part Two

Due to popular demand I’m running a second Heart of Ireland day on twitter. This will be on Thursday 23rd March, and I invite you to share your photos and videos of Ireland and use the #heartofireland tag. You can also share your Irish business, or community group. Tell people about your favourite Irish shops and cafes, your favourite Irish experiences, and more. Anything goes as long as it’s positive and I’ll retweet any I see.

The last #heartofireland day got a reach of over 12 million, and went on for almost three days, and people are still using the hashtag. I have a couple of tips to make the day a success.

  1. Join in the conversation, if you see something you like tell the person.
  2. Retweet anything you like, it’s a great way to get a better reach.
  3. Encourage people to join in and get involved.
  4. If you are sharing your business add the website so people can find you.
  5. If you are an artist or creative also add your website, or a link where people can buy your work.
  6. Support other people on the day by liking their tweet.
  7. Make connections, follow people who are posting things you like.
  8. Tell us about the best food places in your area and the best places to stay, tag the businesses if they are on twitter.
  9. Are there any local characters we should know about, tell us.
  10. What would you recommend for a day out in your county, tell us all about it and tag the place if they are on twitter.

I’m looking forward to seeing your posts and finding out about some Irish businesses that I might not have heard about. Heart of Ireland is a voluntary campaign to bring a bit of positivity to social media. You can see some of the highlights of the last #heartofireland day here.

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