Benny’s Deli, Castlerea

If you are near Castlerea I’d highly recommend a visit to Benny’s Deli. It’s a fantastic shop, with all kinds of goodies. I always stop in for a Leitrim Loaf (which you just have to try), I left it too late the last time I was there, but I bought a lovely soda bread.

Benny’s Deli also make delicious cakes, pre-cooked meals, and they have a restaurant too. In fact it’s a one-stop-shop for fantastic food and they have a range of gluten free products too. All the food they serve is made on the premises, and I’ve just realised that Benny himself served me when I called in. Next time I’ll say hello.

What I love most is that local products are front and centre in the shop. This is such a great idea and one I’d love to see in other shops, it’s a great way to find out what products are produced locally. I had no idea there was a chocolate producer in Roscommon until I saw them in Benny’s Deli, and it turns out that Benny’s Deli have taken over Roscommon Chocolate, and make them on the premises.

I also love the Black Donkey Brewing company – they have a range of wonderful beers, including the ‘Underworld’ Series, inspired by Oweynagat (Cave of the Cats) in Rathcroghan – which is a must visit too.

When you are in Castlerea, do take a walk around the demense, it’s a stunning walk. You can find out more about it on my blog here, and also some other gems in Castlerea.

Recently I’ve been seeing lots of posts that the blog has inspired people to visit, and it’s wonderful to see it. Do let me know if my blog has inspired you in any way.

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  1. Benny’s Deli sounds and looks like a great place, Val. Will definitely check the cafe/restaurant part, and bring back some of those Underworld beers the next time we’re in or near Castlerea. And even better….locally made chocolate, as well! Shona Samhain!

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