The Tubbercurry Old Fair Day 2022

It was wonderful to see the Old Fair Day back after a two-year break. Even though I’ve now ‘retired’ from taking event photos, I couldn’t go to the festival and not have a camera in my hand, so off I went. I loved the atmosphere of the day and the joy of seeing people meeting up after two years.

The sun shone and everyone was in great form. RTE Nationwide were there filming for Heritage Week, the show will air on Monday night (15th August) at 7pm on RTE One. It was fascinating watching the film crew and seeing Bláthnaid Ní Chofaigh interviewing the locals.

In my usual style I got there early (I’m still not the best with crowds), so although I’d have loved to see Declan Nerney I know I probably wouldn’t have been able for it, and that’s OK. That’s the good thing about taking photos because I want to, I can just leave when I’ve had enough. It’s almost like I feel my personal battery draining, along with my camera battery and I know when I need to go home to recharge.

Michael Coyne – enjoying the Fair Day. A mighty man at the grand age of 105

St. Nathy’s Ladies GFC – the cakes I bought were fab
Cloonacool Sheep Festival Members

I have to say a huge well done to all the volunteers, there were so many of them and they were all ages – it was great to see a community pulling together and producing such a wonderful day. They should all be very proud. I absolutely loved being back behind the camera, I hope my photos give you a flavour of the Old Fair Day, and they might inspire you to visit next year.

I’d also like to say thank you to the lovely people who came up to chat and told me how much they enjoy the blog, it was lovely to meet them.

Find out more about the Old Fair Day on their website.

All my photos are here:

This is not a sponsored post, I didn’t get paid to visit or photograph the day, I also paid for my food,  if you’ve enjoyed the blog and would like to send me a tip, any amount would be much appreciated.

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