The Lilliput Way in Roscommon

I’m always looking for interesting things to visit and feature on the blog and I’ve discovered a fantastic walk, just a short drive from Roscommon Town. The Lilliput Way is in Kilteevan and it’s part of the Cloonlarge Bog Walk, which is a looped walk around the peatlands.

It’s a lovely scenic walk, there wasn’t a soul around when I visited, just me and the birds and butterflies. When I got to The Lilliput Way the walk transformed into something magical. Step inside a fairytale and let your imagination run riot as you walk down the tree lined lane in the quest to find Gulliver.

The walk is dotted with inspirational quotes, beautifully painted on wooden signs, it’s a fantastic place to give you a lift and brighten your day. There are fairy houses dotted amongst the trees, and a real feel of something special about the place. The Lilliput Way is a haven for biodiversity and it’s a wonderful example of what can be achieved by a community group.

You can read the information boards to find out more about the bogs and peatlands, you can see a turf hopper and keep a look out for The Wizard of the Loop and the fairies. Nearby is a storytelling area complete with little library and just across the road is the biggest bug hotel I’ve ever seen.

The star of the show is Gulliver – through the Creative Ireland Programme 2021, Kilteevan Tidy Towns commissioned local sculptor Mark Feeley to create Gulliver a giant’s head and hand. A butterfly rests on Gulliver hand to signify the importance of biodiversity. The pupils of Kilteevan National School composed the poem Queen Luna’s Plea, which you can read on your walk.

I’d really recommend this walk, it’s something very special and well worth a visit, a huge congratulations to everyone involved. You can find out more about Kilteevan Tidy Towns here: You can also find a map of the walk here: Let me know if you go and visit.

There has been a bit of confusion of how to get to the walk, I followed Google Maps, here is the link:,-8.0848623,15z

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