Online farmers’ market launches as NeighbourFood comes to Sligo.

NeighbourFood was established in Cork in 2018 and in under 4 years has grown to 40 collection points in ROI. In recent months it has gained a foothold in the UK with 20 markets in England and Scotland. NeighbourFood is the brainchild of founders Jack Crotty and Martin Poucher, and it was designed to give small producers a direct route to market via an online platform. It works just like a farmers’ market but instead of customers heading to their local market, they can shop with the same producers with a few clicks of a mouse.

Recently earning the prestigious accolade of “Outstanding Organisation” in the Irish Food Writers Guild 2021 awards for its support of Irish producers, Jack Crotty explains how the NeighbourFood business model works:
“Our food producers set their own prices and get a fair price for every product sold.
They keep 80% of sales for every product, compared to 15-50% through supermarkets. The remaining 20% is split equally between the market host and NeighbourFood. Our vision when we set up NeighbourFood was to enable even small communities to create a self-sustainable food network. We see this as a means to building strong local economies, providing a new and more profitable route to market for small scale farmers and producers. The dividends for local communities and the environment are substantial in that it provides better quality, fresher food for customers while also reducing unnecessary food waste as you buy just what you need for the week.”

Each NeighbourFood has a distinctly local flavor which is what makes each market distinctly of its place. A local market host brings together small farmers’ and food producers to create a weekly online farmers’ market. It is a click and collect model with an accessible collection point where producers drop their customers’ weekly orders for collection.

NeighbourFood customers benefit from the convenience of planning their weekly shop at home, filling their fridge with the best of local food available in their area, ensuring that their weekly shopping spend is spent in their local community. The icing on the cake is the time saved with a collection that takes just minutes.

To shop at the first NeighbourFood market in Sligo, sign up at and note that you can shop weekly or as often as suits
your needs.
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