Temporary Closure to the Caves of Keash

I spotted a post on the Sligo Walks Facebook page that states the walk up to the caves will be closed from March 25th 2022 to April 29th 2022 as this is lambing season. The walk is clearly marked to state dogs aren’t allowed as it’s open farmland, but some people were disregarding the notice.

In recent weeks I saw a post of an incident where a family were chased down the hill from the caves by dogs that weren’t on leads:

“Unfortunately, we had a bad experience here, 2 dogs were barking and aggressively chased us and we had to run with the baby. I was about to fall down with the baby as there were muds and lost the balance. We ran because the owners of the dogs were nowhere near the dogs. We are not that afraid of dogs, but today was different. A notice was already been placed on multiple places that the dogs are not allowed. When I enquired about the dogs to those 2 women, one of them said “We are locals and we come here often with dogs”. I wonder how that can be an excuse. Anyway this place is really beautiful and worth multiple visits, I hope I won’t have this experience again. I totally recommend this place.”

A recent post on the Sligo, Ireland Facebook page

The caves will reopen on 30th April, after lambing season.

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