Sunday Thoughts

It’s the last Sunday in January! Hooray! Is it just me or does it feel like the longest January ever? Luckily it’s been mild, which is just as well, as the home heating oil was 64 cent a litre last year and is now 95 cent! The struggle is real.

I’m doing OK, I’ve been out and about exploring whenever I’ve had the chance, it’s been great to get behind the camera again, it’s been so long since I’ve take ‘proper’ photos. I’ve been pure lazy with the phone, and they are grand but it’s not the same.

I wrote a thing about anxiety last week, just in light of the fact the Covid seems to have gone (from the government point of view anyway). I wrote about how I don’t push myself these days, it didn’t get very many views, and I think it might be helpful to some of you. You can read it here:

I cleaned my art table and I think I’ve cleaned away any ounce of creativity that I had. All my painting attempts are failing miserably – not that I was ever brilliant to begin with – but now they are all disaster. I have about 30 half hearted – half finished paintings. I wish I hadn’t cleaned the table at all. I hope my missing mojo returns soon.

The Love Sligo Facebook group I started is doing well, it now has over 900 views. I’m trying to talk myself out of another website but I do feel that a community forum for the county is missing. Once again people are missing things of interest. It’s a shame because so much money is spent on other things but not on communication and making people feel like they are (or could be) involved in the area that they live in. There’s the battle between the me who already has too much to do, and the me who sees a huge need for something like this.

On another note I got my nails done yesterday. I was never really into nails or pampering but Neads Nails did my nails as a gift to me last year and I loved them so much I went back and got them done again. It’s not just that they look amazing and they make me feel better about myself, it’s the chats and the social aspect of it. She often has different offers on – you can find her Facebook page here:

The nails match my new shoes too. Before Christmas I saw an amazing pair of Steve Madden shoes in TK Maxx. I didn’t have enough money to buy them at the time. I went back and they were gone 😦 Andy gave me a TK Maxx voucher for Christmas, and when I went in this week, lo and behold the shoes were there! I’m now the proud owner of them. (I really should have bought walking shoes – as I destroyed mine and these are totally impractical – but I love them).

I hope you are all keeping well. Thanks for reading, as always.

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  1. Val, the nails look great, love the shoes and sometimes you have to buy something just because you want it more then you need it. If it makes you feel better that isall the reason that you need. Yes I’m sure your mojo will return, you are that type of person. Your friend from Ohio, Jack

  2. Mojo missing? Mine too. I might call the police!
    Hang in there. Mojo finding new material during absence. Love your posts.

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