A Wonderful Network for Women

I’m sure I’m not the only one who has felt isolated during the pandemic. I’m blessed to have my wonderful family and a job I love, but working from home can mean that there is no one to bounce ideas off, or just have a friendly face and a chat. Earlier this year I joined the Women’s Inspire Network, and it’s one of the best things I’ve done.

I’ve known Samantha Kelly, who runs the network, for some years, and I’ve always admired her passion and drive. Samantha’s dedicates so much time and energy to the Women’s Inspire Network and she’s extremely supportive. The network says that it’s mainly aimed at women in business, or thinking of starting a business, but I don’t have a business and I’ve found it extremely helpful to be part of.

There are so many fantastic women in the group, from all walks of life, and they share their knowledge and their support. There are weekly webinars on a wide range of topics, so there’s always something to learn. There are also regular online coffee mornings, and they are always really lovely.

Women’s Inspire is like a support network, a group of friends that have your back, and it’s well worth joining. It’s not just for women in Ireland either, Women’s Inspire Network is a global initiative. For those of you in business, or thinking about starting a business, the network is invaluable. You’ll meet others in the same situation, or those that have been where you are now. You’ll meet people who can help you along the way, and there’s no judgement, all are welcome.

Why not come along and join us? https://www.womensinspirenetwork.com/ and watch this space as I’ll be telling you some of the other stories from the Women’s Inspire Network, why they joined and what they get from it.

Thanks to Samantha for creating something very special, I love being part of it.

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