To a lake in the mountain

I’ve been wanting to go to Lough Lumman for a number of years, I few weeks ago I finally got there. The lake is located on Slieve Deane and the walk is part of The Sligo Way (if you wanted a longer walk). I parked at Ballygawley Woods and started to walk, and walk, and walk. You see I have zero sense of direction, and even with Google maps I went completely the wrong way.

I came to a dead end and was almost about to give up when I met a mountain biker who gave me directions. A huge thanks to him, as I finally found the lake. It took me two hours to get up there, I was so close and could see the lake on my right but I couldn’t figure out how to get there, but the walkway takes you to the far end, so I kept going and there was the lake.

It’s stunning up there, so quiet and peaceful. Just me and the bees. It was a fairly dull day, but that wasn’t a bad thing because it would have been a tougher walk in the heat. As it was I was quite out of breath – but I’m not as fit as I used to be.

As I made my way back down, I met some other walkers and cyclists, but it wasn’t busy by any means. It took me an hour to come back down – as I took the right way. 🙂

If the mountain biker happens to read the blog, thanks a million, if I didn’t meet him I’d probably still be walking. It was a lovely walk, and I daresay I’ll do it again and hopefully find the right way next time.

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