Sunday Thoughts

It’s been a while since I’ve written one of these posts. It’s been a bit of a week and life has a way of twisting and turning when you least expect it.

This week it was with one of our dogs, Puggly, as his name suggests he’s a pug crossed with something else – we aren’t sure what. He came into our lives 6 years ago when he almost got hit by a bus outside our house and Lucy bought him in. It’s strange because he looked familiar and when we looked back at old photos we realised he used to come into our garden and play with Rocket years before. So it’s like he was always meant to be with us.

Anyway he ended up at the vet this week. I thought he had a UTI so I was absolutely floored when I got a phone call to say he has a tumour wrapped around his bladder. The vet kept him in overnight to see if meds improved the situation. It was a really tough 24 hours waiting to see what happened or if we would have to say goodbye to our beloved friend.

Thankfully the meds have improved things. We know he won’t get better but we know he’s not in any pain and we are enjoying the time that we have with him. He’s 12 years old. He’s had a wonderful life since he came to us. He really is a fantastic character and we’re blessed to have him as part of our family.

I’m very grateful to my family for their support this week. It’s been tough, really tough, one of those moments where you find out who is there for you. I’m also grateful to The Well Pet Hospital and to Darren, calm, caring and dependable.

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  1. Gosh Val, sorry to hear this. Our Lexi is 13 with failing health and we are psyching ourselves up for the inevitable in the next year or so, so I can understand how you are feeling. 😢

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