A new network club for women

I’ve written several posts about connections and how important it is to connect with supportive, likeminded people. Sometimes a spark of an idea can come from a conversation and can empower others.

This morning I joined in the WIL Power Network Club, this is a club that will support and empower women working in transport and logistics, or those hoping to join the workforce in this field. It was lovely to see so many friendly faces, and hear so many success stories of those working in the sector, as well as the issues they face. The group offers peer to peer mentoring and they are supporting women and aim to build a strong network, which I’m sure they will if this morning was anything to go by.

It was inspiring listening to so many of the attendees, many of them work in the transport and logistics sector. It’s great to see a shift starting from what is traditionally a male dominated workforce.

Some of the topics that came up was the lack of emphasis on women joining transportation and logistical based courses. When you always see men featured in posters and literature what message does this send out to woman? The tide is starting to change, it was great to hear of transport training in Northern Ireland, some lovely course ideas here and women are included and promoted in the images used: https://www.transporttraining.org/blog/resources/careers-resources/

We also heard of the Women in Wheels NI Group, who are doing fantastic work. I was delighted to hear of their Facebook group and the videos that they have, and they are in the process of producing more. You can join their group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/womeninwheelsni

The Wil Power Network is a Europe wide network but the meeting I was in this morning was for Ireland and Northern Ireland. It’s well worth joining for support and they will provide a free online course that will assist women who want to progress to leadership roles within their companies and organisations. The courses are being created at the moment and they will all be free and available for anyone to use. You can dip in and out and use the modules that suit you. You can find the website here: https://www.womeninlogistics.info/

They also have a LinkedIn group they would love to have you join in and post. You can find that here: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/13963313/

It was a really informative morning and I can’t wait to see what develops from this dynamic network.

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  1. I am glad to hear about support for women in transport.
    There have been some good documentary TV programmes showing women drivers. One that comes to mind is Ice Road Truckers where a very feminine woman shows that she is as good as anybody.
    Then there are emergency services with their indispensable drivers.
    More recently there is the great increase in home deliveries of all kinds (not just babies).
    May I, an elderly male say Well done.

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