RoboThink Summer Camps

I’ve been hearing about a fantastic summer camp taking place in Sligo, so I thought I’d tell you about it.

RoboThink is a global STEM edu-tainment franchise that is starting this year in Ireland It’s designed for kids aged 6-12 years but there will be TY and corporate programs in the future. RoboThink are launching with three themed summer camps. Each camp will take place in Sligo IT this July.

RoboThink Safari Summer Camp:

This is an introduction to robotics camp – aimed at the youngest kids. They will build robotic animals and safari vehicles. They will learn all about gears, axles and motors, through the fun and engaging theme of a Safari.

RoboThink Amusement Park Summer Camp:

This program is designed to incorporate robotics and entrepreneurship. The camp gets kids thinking about 21st century life skills! They will be in charge of the whole operation, from designing the park logo, the park layout, pricing tickets, marketing strategy and building the robotic attractions themselves – ideal for creative kids.

RoboThink Self Driving Cars Summer Camp:

This is an introduction to coding camp – aimed at kids 10yrs+. This camp will teach kids the very beginning and basics of coding through the fun theme of car manufacturing. They will build, and code lots of different robotic vehicles and finally, they will let their imagination run and build their very own dream car!

Places are very limited so if you have someone interested you can book here: you can also find them on Instagram – and Facebook –

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