Sunday Thoughts

I’m tired today, a long night watching the Eurovision Song Contest – which seems to go on forever – but was actually very enjoyable last night. Twitter was buzzing with everyone joining in the chat and it was like normal again.

It’s been a busy week, we got to see Lucy and Laurence again which was lovely. The shops are also back open again and while I’m not a shopper it was nice to have a mooch around, and I love the charity shops. I also love book and art shops, so it’s been great to go back in. The staff all seem really happy to be back to, it’s been a long five months for them.

I’m trying to suss out TikTok at the moment, it was mentioned in one of our work projects that it would be a good platform to be on so I thought I’d give it a try. One of the videos I put up of the Ox Mountain Glamping site has over 100,000 views, which is huge. I’d think twice about putting a video up with me talking again though, I’ve had a few comments about my accent. I certainly wouldn’t put up a video of myself, it makes me sad seeing some of the toxic people there. I know all social media has downsides but so far this platform seems to be one of the worst. Anyway if you are on there you can find me here. From a tourism or business point of view I think it would be a good one to be on though.

A memory came up about the time I had a panic attack in a mindfulness class. It’s hard to believe that it happened but it did. I wrote about it here, it’s one reason why I will never go to a class like that again, I do think mindfulness is a personal thing, for me it’s losing myself in painting or photography. It was important for me to find the thing that helped me relax, but being told what to do in a room full of people wasn’t it, you can read the post here: I’d also like organisations running events like this to realise that not everyone is in the right frame of mind to attend something like this, and they should really vet who they get to run the class, as I firmly believe that the reaction of the facilitator was correct at all.

So there you have my Sunday thoughts for this week. I hope you are all keeping well and thanks for reading.

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  1. Hi Val, really enjoyed your playlist today…would a Eurovision themed playlist ever make an appearance on your show? (insert winkie emoji) I totally agree with you about the individualistic nature of mindfulness. I once attended a positivity – type thing & found it quite frustrating. The person giving it made 1(hundred) too many cliche platitudes. BUT, I did take something good from it which I still try to adhere to & I think it sounds a little like your mindful art practice etc. The person referred to this skill as “being in flow” which basically meant getting totally absorbed in what you are doing, the way a child would when playing. You commit 100% of your focus for the given time while at the same time allowing it to be pleasurable…sorry that went on a bit! I’ll leave out the scalding I wanted to give that “mindless guru” you had the misfortune to encounter. Blathnaid

  2. Val, youhave an accent? I’m from Ohio, I have an accent. Yours is lovely, mine is mid-western, so what is the problem? Keep on the straight and narrow and keep up the good work, I look for and read all your posts. Jack from Ohio, U.S.A.

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