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It’s been a fabulous week weather wise and I finally got to the sea – not once but twice! The first visit was a socially distanced coffee with a friend. I love meeting this lady, she understands me and it’s so lovely not to be second guessing myself before I speak….and not to come away thinking I shouldn’t have said this, that, or the other.

Aughris Head

The second seaside trip wasn’t planned at all. My dreams are all over the place and have been since the pandemic began. So I’d had a really bad nightmare and had woken up with a cracking headache. I knew an hour trying to force myself to write wasn’t a good idea so I took myself off to Aughris Head. There’s a gorgeous cliff walk there and although I didn’t do the whole loop I got as far as St. Patrick’s Well which is a new discovery for me. I’ll write more on another post about some of the things I’ve seen this week.

St. Patrick’s Well

It’s great being able to travel within the county. Most of the places I’ve been to were so quiet, I was alone at Aughris, so no panic about social distancing.

I’m not sure where this lockdown or easing restrictions is going. Northern Ireland has opened up, but there’s no sign of anything opening here at the moment. It’s so tough on people running businesses and I still don’t fully understand how some supermarkets are allowed to sell clothes but clothing shops can’t open. Thankfully I’m not in government so it’s not my circus.

The sunshine definitely makes everything seem better, I’ve been on walks, I’ve done a bit of gardening and it’s been lovely being able to explore new places. I even heard the cuckoo sing for the first time this year yesterday, summer is on the way. I hope you are all keeping well.

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  1. Val, now I really can’t wait to get back again, not real soon, but I will get back. Maybe I will stop in for a visit. Jack

  2. So happy for the sea that it got to see you twice and even twice as happy that you got to get to meet the sea again (hey, isn’t that just a marvellously complicated sentence!?)
    Certainly better days are on their way!

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