Sunday Thoughts

Here we are again, another Sunday in lockdown. In some ways it seems like the last year has gone very quickly but on the other hand it’s like we have been living this way forever.

I went into Sligo town to go shopping on St. Patrick’s Day, it was very sad to see the town so quiet and empty. One shop had deflating green balloons outside, it kind of captured the mood. Other shops still have Christmas decorations in their windows, or signs saying how much they miss their customers but they’ll be back in February. The February opening didn’t happen. One place is really brightening up the town and that’s Milligram Coffee, they had Feehily’s florist in to do their window and it looks amazing, well done to them, it’s much needed.

I saw a few people proudly wearing their shamrock, in particular two older ladies were sporting giant St. Patrick’s Day badges and wearing green, it was a really stark image against the empty street.

We are meant to hear an update from the government at the beginning of April, but already there’s talk of these restrictions staying until June. Some are even muttering about September. There’s nothing we can do except wait and get on with our lives as best as we can.

On a positive note the local market started back up again yesterday, it was lovely to go back but I was very anxious. I think that’s the way it’s going to be for me, I get out of a habit or my comfort zone and I get nervous. It’s just the way I am but when I’m on form I’m flying. I do think it might be similar for other people though, they’ll be so used to staying indoors that they will find it hard to get back to normal – whatever that is.

I hope you are all keeping well and safe.

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