Thinking outside the box for my birthday

It’s my birthday today, of course with Covid it’s not the same but I had a nice day anyway. Due to restrictions I couldn’t see anyone including Lucy and Laurence, so that was a real shame. Andy and Jono made sure I had a nice day anyway and I treated myself to these two treat boxes.

The first was a ‘grazing box’ little bits of everything. I’d been following this new company on Instagram and been drooling over their page, so I ordered one for me. This was an excellent idea, I really loved it, and the lady who runs it was so friendly and helpful (even though I had a mouthful of pancake when she met me – long story). Anyway you can find You and Brie here, there’s been great interest in this all over twitter too.

You and Brie Treat Box

The second was a box of cakes, again absolutely delicious. These were by Just Baked, who also runs the cafe at the Sligo Folk Park in Riverstown. So when it’s back open I’ll be heading over for more cake. I’m very grateful to You and Brie for collecting these for me so I could pick both boxes up at the same time.

Just Baked

So if you are in Sligo and looking for a way to celebrate in these times I’d really recommend both these businesses.

4 thoughts on “Thinking outside the box for my birthday

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  1. All in all Val, looks like you had a very nice birthday. Hope you and yours stay safe and healthy, your Ohio fan Jack.

  2. Hi Val. Hope you are still enjoying a lovely birthday week and that 2021 is a really happy year for you. I was meaning to contact you..I recently hurt my back and had to just lie in bed to recover. So I downloaded BCRFM on my new phone..hope I have the abbreviation right. Anyway, who was on but yourself! I so enjoyed your show. You have a very pleasant voice and demeanor. So well done. You are made for that job.

    Being a DJ is something I often think I would love to another lifetime..playing music and making people feel good in their own space. How lovely. So keep up your great work.

    Have a lovely day. Sarah O’ Connell

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