Middle of the Night Thoughts

I’m wide awake and my head is telling me I’m useless so I’m going to write.

2020 has been very busy and I’m tired. I also have a toothache which isn’t helping and Rocket-dog needs surgery which I’m worried silly about.

I know if I write it’ll get it out of my head and I might sleep.

I should really get up and do something useful like work or finish painting the Christmas decorations which need to be posted on Thursday.

My head is telling me that nobody likes me, probably true. I seem to be ending the year with less friends than ever. I seem to be someone that people come to with problems and when they are OK they leave again. That’s fine and I’m delighted for them but sometimes a message asking if I’m OK would be lovely. I look at the huge number of ‘friends’ I have on Facebook and it’s just so fake.

I’m wondering if the level 5 lockdown will be lifted next week. It’s not going to make much difference to me I don’t think although I would like to go for a walk on a beach. I miss the sea.

I really should try to get some sleep.

3 thoughts on “Middle of the Night Thoughts

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  1. Your struggling Val and that’s ok isn’t many that arnt at the minute.. as for the Fake Facebook Friends that about sums it up. You can’t really have proper friendships with people unless you are seeing them regularly and know them a long time.. but that doesn’t stop the sting of rejection it hurts ..take care of yourself as best you can ..🥰

  2. Middle of the night gremlins Val. Its tough on us all at the moment and I for one have retreated from many friends, family, commitments. Try not to doubt yourself (easier said….). Following you, I can see how busy you’ve been. Use the last few days of lockdown to rest. As you guys are coming out of it we’ve been landed another 2 weeks. Great coordination by our lovely governments. Doesn’t look like I’ll get my pre Christmas visit this year.

  3. Val, I’m only a Facebook friend, but I’m still a friend. I look forward to your post and your blogs, I enjoy them and most times and sometimes get a good laugh or at least a chuckle. You should try and I say try to not be too hard on yourself, It seems to me that you usually get more done in a day then I get done in a week, so keep it up and try to remember that some on your friends are on Facdbook and if this trouble ever lifts, I for one will be stopping in for tea. Your long distance friend, Jack from Ohio.

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