Two online classes you should know about

With much of life going online due to Covid I’ve been keeping a look out for things I think might appeal to my readers. The one good thing about online classes is that your location isn’t a problem. The classes I’m posting about cater for people to take part at their own convenience. So even if you can’t take part in the live classes you can catch up in your own time.

Open Door Gallery and Studio Art Classes

Learn to paint or draw with Póilín from the Open Door Gallery and Studio. These classes have gone from strength to strength, Póilín has embraced her new way of teaching and makes a fantastic job of it. I’ve been in both a drawing and a painting class and you can be sure of good lighting and excellent camera work with split cameras so you get to see exactly what Póilín is doing. She has a lovely, gentle way about her and it’s a very relaxing way to learn. You can find out more on the Facebook page.

If you’ve always wanted to learn yoga check out ANOIS YOGA. Blaithin, Cathi and Louise are dedicated to meaningful and inclusive yoga that meets the needs of all ages and ability levels. Each are established yoga teachers in Sligo and run their own individual businesses. There are two interactive membership packages available with options for live yoga classes 7 days a week, weekend workshops, recordings of live classes, plus access to a library of on-demand yoga essentials and a choice of speciality courses to choose from.  Offering Yoga classes, mindfulness, and meditations to suit all ages and abilities. All of this and more on the ANOIS YOGA website that you can visit now

I hope this post might inspire you to try something new. Both of these classes are a wonderful way to relax and do something for yourself, in this new normal we find ourselves in.

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