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Welcome to another Sunday Thoughts post. I hope you are all doing OK. It’s hard to think we are now in July, looking at the weather you wouldn’t know it.

Phase 3 of the Covid plan began at the end of June, and before that I’d already seen more people around. Sligo town has got busier, with more cars anyway. It’s easier to go shopping because more shops are open, so I don’t find big crowds or queues to get into the supermarket, as I would have done before. If you are in town at 9am on a weekday there is no one in shops like Penneys, TK Maxx or Next, so if you are planning a shopping trip, I’d suggest an early morning one.

My emotions are still all over the place. I feel like I’m on a boat, sometimes I’m just gliding along and other times the water gets choppy and I find I’m clinging on for dear life. It’s the choppy times I struggle with, I’ve noticed the familiar chest pain creeping back, it was so bad last week I could visualise my heart contracting. I know those are the times where I’d be close to having a panic attack but because I know what to expect I have a word with myself and talk myself into becoming calmer – which is way easier said than done.

I’ve met two friends last week. One for coffee and one for a beach walk. I was nervous about it. What if I’d forgotten how to speak to people? What if I had nothing to say? What would it be like going back into a coffee shop? It’s funny what goes through your head. I was worrying for nothing. The friends are both wonderful, very easy going and it was fantastic to see them again – and they both looked so well! Glowing in fact! And there was me in my beached whale state. I hoped I might emerge from lockdown like a butterfly emerges from a cocoon, no such luck, I’m more like the caterpillar.

The coffee shop was really well set up; perspex between tables, contact details taken at the door, table service. I noticed when other customers left the staff disinfected the tables. I found the noise quite difficult, with music and people talking, I’ve always found that quite distracting but I suppose I’ve been 4 months not going into a cafe that it will take me a while to get used to it again. It felt like a big achievement though.

I’ve no plans to eat out anywhere or go into a pub. I’d be too worried, I’m seeing numbers creeping up again and I know in places like Westport there are a huge amount of tourists. Personally I’d rather people stayed in their own countries this year. I know it’s not good for the economy but I don’t think it’s fair to risk the health of others, whatever about your own health.

How are you all doing? Are any of you travelling? What’s it like where you live?

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  1. Pretty much the same as you report minimal compliance with mask wearing and social distancing a lot less people about .but the few pubs open are jammed and these folk are going for it reckless one and all and they will be returning home and going to work on Monday with predictable consequences…

  2. Luckily we live in a part of the world where there are no crowds and the air is clean.. so blessed to live in the Northwest of Ireland esp during the lockdown, gorgeous walks, peace and tranquility and sunshine nearly all the way through.. sadly the beach was outside my 5k but I took to going for a dip in the lake instead. I had to work throughout the lockdown as I am a support worker and was redeployed to an unfamiliar setting … it was very hard and very strange going to work every day while being constantly reminded to Stay at Home (every two minutes on the radio). I stopped listening to the news which was a good idea for me and turned off the radio in the car travelling to work. I had to not be all consumed by ‘it’ so I chose not to… I sang a lot and continue to do so which keeps me sane!! That and long walks And keeping in touch with family and close friends on WhatsApp and Zoom. Of course some days harder than others but that’s just the way of it….I see you are painting now Val and I have to say they are gorgeous, how talented you are!! That must be a real tonic for you… I would say keep doing more of what you love and baby steps in terms of getting back to normal… we all have to do what’s right for us and we are all different. We will get there! Stay strong.

    1. Thank you Jane, I was like you before the restrictions lifted and I couldn’t get to the sea. Luckily as you say we live in a beautiful area.
      I’ve gone off zoom, I was doing so much on it and now I’ve just had enough of it.
      I love painting, it’s been a real therapy for me.
      Keep on singing x

      1. Fab! I just did 3 zoom calls with a small bunch of friends during the lockdown when I couldn’t see anyone… it was fun, we had a glass of wine and a chat just a few of us…Now no need as we can meet up, even tho we haven’t as yet.. No one is rushing to meet up… hoping the weather will improve to go for a Dip in the sea…. it has to be warm for me to get in… I’m not one of those hard core people who go jump in in any weather!! Take care! 🥰

  3. We are still staying in mostly, shopping and doctors appoinments are about it. We do go to a friends house and sit on opposite sides of the porch. I’m afraid we will not be eating out till after they get a vaccine seeing as my wife and I are “at risk” due to our age. But that’s O.K. we play cards, board games, work on puzzles and are re-watching Game of Thrones one or two episodes a night. Stay safe and stay in if you have to, this too will pass of that I am sure.

  4. MagnumL, I look forward to my visits to Sligo. I have postponed my trip this year, you will be happy to hear. After reading your update I can not help but feel that your concerns are depriving you of living your life. Yes it should be taken serious but in context. We have to assume that this will be around similar to the flu etc. Aside from the social media pundits have you looked into actual reported numbers of mortality rates, versus other conditions? It may ease your fears.

    1. Oh no I’m not depriving myself of living my life at all. If anything I’m enjoying the quiet time and not feeling pressured to go to places that I really didn’t want to go to in the first place.
      I have vulnerable people in my household so I’d be more concerned for them than for myself.

  5. We are staying in and have front yard visits with our children and niece. It has been different but grateful for the visits. Folks
    here are wearing their masks in the stores.
    I find turning the tv off is good for me.

    Your painting had really blossomed Val. Lovely work. Like you, I believe folks should not be traveling outside their country at this time. The government spouts about the economy the economy but we can’t put a price on a life.
    Hope your family stays well.

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