Tuesday Thoughts

I didn’t get around to doing a Sunday thoughts post so here’s a Tuesday one instead.

It’s been a busy few days and a lot of interesting things have happened. I was delighted to be have my photography featured on the Lily Lolly Craftfest page. There are some wonderful artists featured on there so I’m honoured to be included.

I was also delighted to be interviewed for a new Sligo podcast. It’s called Sligo Life and it’s hosted by Clodagh Higgins who I have been inspired by for years. Again I was honoured to be asked to take part and I had an honest and open conversation with Clodagh. I talked about everything including my depression and anxiety and what I found helpful. I had a few messages from people to say my story has helped them and I’m always so happy to hear that. You can listen to the podcast here.

It’s funny because it’s exactly three years ago today that I was diagnosed at having a B12 deficiency, it was a turning point for me, one of many turning points. I wish I had heard my story when I was so bad, I honestly thought there was no coming back from that point and I would have loved to have heard a positive story back then.

I’ve come such a long way, I can see it in the way I react to things. When people say negative things I’m able to shrug them off and not take them to heart like I would have done previously. In an ideal world I wish people didn’t say hurtful things but I’ve realised I can’t change the way people think or speak but I can control the way I react and respond to things. It’s all a learning curve and I know I’m still learning but I’m getting there and if you maybe aren’t where you’d like to be just now hang on in there. It can and will get better.

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