Forest Meditation

This morning I went along to Tubbercurry to join Reiki Concept Therapies in their Forest Meditation session. I must confess I’m rubbish at meditation. It’s hard the keep the hamster that seems to run around on his wheel in my head still for a few minutes.

I really like Tanya from Reiki Concept Therapies, she’s a lovely person, she tells things as they are. There’s no bull or bluff. She gave each of us some healing and warned us that as she was working on the root chakra we might hear our stomachs grumbling. I was shocked when she got to me and the most almighty rumble started – until I realised it was thunder!

There’s something kind of magical just spending time in the forest. Although there were a couple of rain showers we were sheltered by the trees. Life was going on all around us; people running, walking dogs, cars in the distance while we relaxed, enjoying the moment.

I was looking at one of the trees near me, it was a younger tree swaying in the breeze. No matter which way the branches were blown the base of the trunk stayed still. I suppose what I’m trying to say is it reminds me of life. Things will come and drag you this way and that way, some good and some not so good, but as long as your foundations are strong you’ll be grand.

Thank you Tanya for this morning.

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