A new day and a new blog

I’m off again separating blogs, Magnumlady will continue as it always has. Mainly a diary, travel, photos, life etc. I’ve already got Sligo Hub which is covering the Sligo events, community etc.

Now there is a new ‘baby’ blog. This one is called Just Words and will take over the memories and random words that pop into my head. Some will be truth, some will be fiction and some will be a mix. You can find it over here, hope to see you there.

2 thoughts on “A new day and a new blog

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  1. Hi. Were you on a start your own business course about 9 or so years ago? Found your blog by accident. I’m an English woman living in Mayo with husband and two dogs. We’re thinking of moving nearer to metropolis of Sligo. Had enough of country living. Looking for work and a bit of culture. Wondered what Ballissodare is like. Hope to find more varied population, Live near Ballina. Would love to hear any advice. Claire

    1. Hi Claire, I don’t think I was on the course, don’t remember being on one anyway but getting older blurs the memory 😉
      Ballisodare seems like a good option. Sligo is heaving with culture. Not too sure what it’d be like to live there though.
      I’m out in the sticks of Coolaney but if you fancy a coffee sometime that’d be good and I’ll try to advise you more 🙂

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