My earliest childhood memory

I was listening to Paula MacSweeney on Today FM this morning (worth getting up early for) and she was talking about her earliest childhood memory and listeners were texting in theirs. Anyway it got me thinking.

My earliest memory is very clear. I was in my cot and got frightened by a sound outside (which I now know was an electric milk truck). I could see my window and there was some light coming in and I could make out a silhouette of a giant bear. I remember crying because I was so scared and my mum came in and picked up the bear and put it in the cot with me – it was bigger than I was! She didn’t pick me up or speak, she just gave me the bear. It’s so vivid it’s almost like a movie. The bars of the cot, the net curtains, the bear and my mum – all in the early light of the morning.

What’s your first memory?


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  1. I was lying on my back in my stroller, that my mother had parked in the back garden. The stroller had a blue and black plaid design on it. I remember looking up at the blue sky and realising the sky and the pattern on the stroller had something in common, but I remember I did not have words yet for stroller, sky, blue, black, colour, pattern, or sameness. I asked my mother when I was a teenager, “Mom, did we ever have a stroller that had a blue and black pattern on it?” and she looked at me like I had grown another head and said, “We gave away that stroller when you were eight months old.”

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