Reflections of the last decade

The last day of 2019 and as we approach a new decade it’s time for me to look back. On this day ten years ago both Andy and Jono were laid up with back issues. Jono was recovering from spinal fusion surgery, Andy was suffering from a very bad back and on his way to […]

A trip down memory lane

I was in Galway for a few hours today to see the moon…more about that in another post but while I was there I took a walk to my old stomping ground of Woodquay where my Nan lived. It’s strange because the house looks the same from the front and although there’s now an extension […]

My earliest childhood memory

I was listening to Paula MacSweeney on Today FM this morning (worth getting up early for) and she was talking about her earliest childhood memory and listeners were texting in theirs. Anyway it got me thinking. My earliest memory is very clear. I was in my cot and got frightened by a sound outside (which […]

Sunday Thoughts – The Galway Years

A bit of a different direction with this blog post. I’m not usually one for reminiscing but sometimes I look back and delve into this box of memories in my head and thought I may as well write about them. My parents were both born in Galway and moved when they were in their early […]