Holy Dog!

There I was walking the dogs this morning and minding my own business when Puggly slipped his lead and ran off. I legged it after him until I lost sight of him. It wasn’t until I realised that Mass was in full swing and a feeling of horror came over me. He hadn’t had he????

As I stood for a moment in the church porch I heard the priest telling the congregation about a special visitor they had and how he was very welcome. Oh no, he really had! I poked my head in the door and a lady nodded at me and pointed in the direction of the altar.

I did my best mission impossible attempt at flying down the aisle and I couldn’t look at anyone. I followed the sounds of giggles and Puggly ‘purring! I grabbed him and we moved as quickly as we could. I’m completely mortified and would like to apologise to the church goers.

Puggly, on the other hand, is oblivious and I think he quite liked his morning out. There’s never a dull moment.

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