I’m a different person….

Turn my world around.

Another day, another song lyric, this time Lola’s Theme that I happened to hear playing today. It was on in the background when I was talking to someone and I paused to listen because I am a different person.

When I look back to last year I pretty much lost the year. I didn’t want to do anything and in some respects I couldn’t do anything. Now I’m raring to go, in fact there aren’t enough hours in the day.

I’m relaxed and happy. This week I’ve been back behind the camera capturing the atmosphere of events and it’s like I’ve come full circle. This is how the blog begin, usually with a photo. This was how I relaxed, documenting life one click at a time.

I love looking at life through a lens, there’s something very special about it for me. It’s funny because yet again I recently heard that ‘anyone can take a photo’ and yes they can but not everyone can capture an emotion or a feeling.

Not every photographer has had one of their photos in an art gallery but this week I’ll have one of mine in The Model, Sligo which is a huge honour and a privilege and I can’t wait to see it.

I have lots of ideas along the creative side of things even though I got a rejection from Creative Ireland – that’s OK – there are other ways around things. The recurring theme so far seems to be a book. I’ve had so many people recently ask me to bring out a book, I laughed it off to begin with but it’s been said so many times now that I’m starting to think about the possibility. I think sometimes life is mapped out to a certain extent and you have to look for the signs along the way.  I have no idea how to go about it or where to even start but I believe if it’s meant to happened I’ll be steered in the right direction. Maybe a case of watching this space…..

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