Midnight at the lost and found

You’ll only get the title if you’re a Meatloaf fan – the singer – not the food. I kissed Meatloaf once – again the singer not the food. Anyway it’s midnight not a sound from the pavement- a nod to Cats now – the musical- not the animals.

Blimey I don’t half waffle. Why am I writing a blog? Because I’m wide awake and bored and it’s midnight….at the….

So what do I have to tell you? Well I’m still rattling cages on Jono’s behalf. No news but I’ll keep you updated.

My car is still borked. In my head I see a newer car just appearing outside the house. It’s good to dream. Even a temporary car would be a good thing. Andy found water in the ECU today. I don’t know much about cars but I’m guessing it’s the car equivalent of water on the brain and I do know cars and water in electronics don’t mix.

On a very happy note dreams do come true sometimes. I’ve got a part-time job in a local airport. It’s only a few hours a week but I’m over the moon. I’ve been trying for years to get a job connected in some way with tourism in Sligo and failed. Now I’m in the next county and although not directly involved in tourism I’m chatting to visitors to Ireland. I love it. I love meeting people and having the chats. It also makes a lovely change from being behind as computer.

So in some ways things are looking up. I also had a couple of nights of sleep. I’m due a B12 injection so that’s playing a part in things. I keep getting ulcers in my mouth which I read is a connection to B12 deficiency, maybe when that’s done I’ll be better…and maybe not writing rambling blog posts either!

The heatwave isn’t helping with sleep either. I never thought I’d see a weather warning issued because of heat. The roads in Sligo were even melting this afternoon.

I suppose I’d better try to get some kind of sleep. Maybe the next post will actually have a point to it 🙂

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  1. if u had gotten an audi u be have no problem and no worry but I suppose u need something to moan about

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