Faro Insomnia

Ah here you’d think when you go on holiday and walk for miles you’d sleep…not a bit of it.

Between the bed creaking from the room next door- if it goes on much longer I’m tempted to give them a can of wd40 – and Jono breathing loudly I’ve given up trying to sleep. I’m now googling what time it gets light and wondering if the McDonald’s down the road is 24hr, if it is I’m going to eat my bodyweight in ice cream!

The thing is that I don’t even feel tired at this stage. In fact the last few days I feel like I have so much energy I want to go running – and I hate running.

I’ll say this much there’s some stamina next door!

2 thoughts on “Faro Insomnia

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  1. Sounds all two familiar. Sleep science tells us that a change in familiar surroundings triggers insomnia, add unusual food. noise hot rooms etc plus relying on alcohol to Deaden ones senses only adds to the effect… apparently things B-) begin to settle down after a few weeks..I reflect its rather an expensive way to feel shite there are much less cheaper ways to do this colonoscopy anyone?

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