Life’s a beach

We are so lucky to live in such a beautiful part of the world. I don’t go to the beach half as much as I should even though I live so close to so many of them.

Today I visited a local market, this used to be one of my anxiety triggers. It was a bit nerve wracking thinking back to how I used to be but that was then and this now. It was all good.

The next stop was Dunmoran Strand. A beautiful, quiet beach. When I arrived there was just one dog walker and one swimmer. The sun was shining and it was blissful to walk along the shore and breathe in the sea air.

My soundtrack was the waves hitting the rocks and the seabirds calling to each other.

I was struck by the colours of the shells, I don’t think I ever noticed just how vibrant they were before.

I also noticed the flowers and plants growing from the crevices in the rocks.

The tiny grains of sand. So miniscule but without them there wouldn’t be a beach. All the different colours and shapes but all important.

It was a very special morning. I felt so relaxed and happy. Just taking everything in and enjoying it. Who could ask for anything else?

2 thoughts on “Life’s a beach

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  1. This sounds absoloutley magical….its amazing how clear and bright things become when we are able to stay in the moment- what a gift for you. The photos are amazing ❤

  2. Beautiful. I was in Ireland in July and rarely saw anyone in the water. There were people on the beaches but not in the water. I’ve got to get back to the birth place of my relatives!

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