Another middle of the night blog

Hello again insomnia. This is getting to become quite a pattern now. I sleep at around midnight and am wide awake at 2am.

My mind is mulling over the day. Firstly we had coffee morning number 5 or 6, I’ve lost count, it was fantastic. I really love these mornings, chatting to new people from all walks of life. There are so many interesting people out there, thank you so much to everyone who came along. The icing on the cake was when my friend Ann from Enniskillen walked in. I was delighted to see her, she is such a good friend.

After the coffee morning it was back to the real world with a bang when I tuned in to RTE Radio One and heard the heartbreaking stories of people in chronic pain who can no longer get pain numbing patches. You can read Jono’s story regarding this in my previous post. I just felt so badly for all those out there suffering and I know that it’s only the tip of the iceberg. When we moved to Ireland in 1991 before we had children we moved thinking this was a far better country to bring up a family. Twenty seven years later I’m not so sure. Yes it’s a beautiful, peaceful place on the most part but from my experience with the health service it leaves a lot to be desired. This is not including those at the front line, there are some amazing doctors, nurses, porters and other health care workers doing a fantastic job with limited resources. It’s the people higher up the ladder I have an issue with. When I hear those poor patients distraught and then hear of a casino bailed out I have to wonder what kind of shower are running the country.

Anyway writing this is just getting me angry all over again and frustrated that I can’t do anything about it. I’ll leave you for tonight. Thanks for keeping me as sane as possible.

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