Wheelie good fun

I have decided I’m probably in the throes of a mid-life crisis. Firstly I want a tattoo, secondly I want blue streaks in my hair and yesterday I saw a pair of roller skates in a charity shop….you can guess the rest!
I’ve decided to embrace my inner child. I used to be very much a Tom boy, always climbing trees or walls. I spent most of my days outside either cycling or roller skating . So when I saw the skates in the shop I had to have them.

I thought roller skating might be like riding a bike. That you never forget – it’s not! Long gone are the days of me flying around at the roller-disco in Galway. Now I’m more like a baby giraffe with a broken leg!

The first trip out for me with my skates was today. I parked in the new track opposite the Sligo Sports Centre. I thought it would be flat, it might look flat when you aren’t standing on wheels but it’s not! I put the skates on and went whizzing off down a little hill, I tried to stop and fell flat on my arse!

I was slightly mortified, moreso because I had an ‘audience’. Do people not realise the track is for exercise not for sitting in cars watching people exercise?? Anyway I struggled back up again – baby giraffe was back and off I pootled again.

I’ve realised that every little stone is a massive obstacle and that not all dog owners clean up their dog’s poo – thankfully I didn’t land in it! I’ve also realised that wind and skates don’t mix as I got blown down the mini hill again and guess what? The backside was back on the floor! This fall hurt – especially my wrist. Luckily my bum is well padded but I now have a lovely collection of bruises to add to my ‘Ladies Brae’ ones.

In the words of Chumbawamba I got back up again and rolled slowly back to the car, clinging on to every bike rack along the way. As I reached the car I went to sit in it to change into my shoes….and I missed the car seat and landed on the floor – again!

If you know of a flat, safe enough place to skate in Sligo, preferably with padded ground,  please let me know. Or if you happen to be a bit of an expert in skating and can tell me what I’m doing wrong – apart from acting much younger than I am – get in touch. 🙂



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  1. Oh dear, but you did give me a good laugh. Fair play to you for getting on the skates. I did the tattoo, I put a tint of purple in my hair, but I draw the line at the skates.

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