Sligo Global Kitchen

Yesterday Lucy and I went along to the Sligo Global Kitchen at The Model.

The Sligo Global Kitchen was a project started to create a space for people living in direct provision to cook and share food from their different cultures with others. It’s an initiative by artist Anna Spearman and is supported by The Model.

Yesterday we sampled food from Nigeria,  Bangladesh, Zimbabwe and the main course was from Cameroon. It was all delicious, I love trying food from other countries and there’s always such a great atmosphere at the SGK.

I really liked the white kidney bean stew and I loved the pof pof -I found a recipe online if you want to try to make it. The event is open for anyone to attend (it’s free but donations are welcome). It was great to see such a wide variety of ages there chatting and making friends over great food.

The next one is due to take place on June 17th when there will be food from Venezuela. You can keep up to date with all the news from the Sligo Global Kitchen over on their Facebook page. They are also on Twitter and Instagram.

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