You can call me Al(paca)


Excuse the punny title, I couldn’t resist. Last week I was in the ‘bluebell wood’ in Ardcarne, Roscommon and I was invited to visit some furry creatures.

I didn’t have to be asked twice. I love all kinds of animals but I’ve never been close to Alpacas before so I was thrilled to visit Knockvicar Alpacas.

Angela and Andrew were very welcoming and I loved meeting their ‘girls’. Alpacas are such gentle animals and I felt very comfortable in the field with them. They all have their own personalities, some were curious, some shy, some friendly and some just couldn’t care less.

It was interesting to see the hierarchy amongst the herd. There are definitely lady bosses there as I found when I got caught in a spitting crossfire! They don’t spit at people, only at each other. Note to self – don’t stand in between two of them!

If you visit Knockvicar Organic Garden you can see the Alpacas from there. It’s well worth a visit if you are keen on gardening as they have some gorgeous plants, they also sell organic fruit and vegetables – whatever is in season.

I have to say it was great fun visiting Knockvicar and I loved watching Andrew skipping along with the jumping Alpacas. It was like The Sound of Music all over again 😉

Thanks so much to Angela and Andrew and their delightful ladies for such a lovely visit. I’m hoping to come back again soon.


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