Hamburg Calling


Once again thank you so much for all your support. We’ve arrived in Hamburg safe and sound. I did feel a bit hemmed in on the plane but I listened to music and I was grand.

First impressions of Hamburg  – so far I love the place. Although really I’ve only seen the Superbude Hotel/ hostel where we are staying.

The staff here are so friendly, they gave us battery packs for our phones, there were rolls and nutella free of charge. There’s a bar and snacks run on an honesty basis. You help yourself but tell them what you’ve had. It’s the coolest, quirkiest place I’ve ever stayed in.

The photo above is the lobby. There are two computers free for guests to use. The TV in our room had YouTube and Netflix…too bad I don’t have a Netflix account. It’s just a fantastic place.

It’s quite hard blogging on a phone, in the dark. So I’ll write more later. Thank you all again x



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