Glorious Goodies in Galway


Yesterday I went to Galway for a few hours to meet up with Lucy. I haven’t seen her in a few weeks so it was great to catch up. First though was the bus trip from hell.

Well it wasn’t really that bad but I have a tendency to be melodramatic. It was an Expressway Bus meaning it has sockets and a toilet. The sockets weren’t working though and the toilet was out-of-order. Two and a half hours on the bumpiest road in Ireland left me busting for the loo when we arrived. I know TMI đŸ˜‰ One passenger decided to paint her nails along the way – so we all had the nail polish fumes to add to the delight.

Galway was great. It’s my old childhood stomping ground, all my family are from Galway so many school holidays were spent there. I’ve got fond memories of the roller disco near the post office and the make your own pizza in Quinnsworth….anyway I digress.

Cupan Tae

As soon as I met Lucy we headed for breakfast, well I say breakfast I mean cake. We went to Cupan Tae, I absolutely love this quirky little tea room. It is a bit tight for space but we were there early so got a table no problem. I went for a scone (how boring is that!) but I haven’t had one for weeks and just fancied one. Lucy had carrot cake which she said was delicious. If you are a fan of tea do check out their little shop section. So many loose leaf teas for purchase, just mind you don’t clear someones table with your arse on the way there though (only if you have a Robus/Beyonce/Kardashian sized arse).

Tea and scone

After our ‘breakfast’ we had a look around the market. It wasn’t as big as usual but I’d say that was because it was freezing. There’s always a great atmosphere in Galway, what with the buskers, dancers and so many shoppers.

Hot chocolate

We had a quick look around the shops and it was time for lunch. Lucy reminded me about Sweet Republic – and yes I know I’m healthy eating but the occasional treat is OK – and this was amazing. It was like some kind of Ferrero Rocher Hot Chocolate, it did have an official name but the sugar coma I went into afterwards cleared my mind. We also had to have something to eat with it – just because – so we had a kinder brownie and it was fabulous. In our defence we shared the drink and the brownie which was just as well because we’d never have managed one each. We staggered out of Sweet Republic in a chocolate daze, to be honest I had a craving for a salad afterwards – what is happening to me!!??

Coffee O'Clock

You’ll be happy to know the return bus trip was less eventful than the first one. You’ll also be pleased to know I didn’t get sick (a miracle!) or need the loo (another miracle!!)

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    1. You’ll be spoilt for choice with the drinks selection. We just pointed at a photo and said we’ll have that one đŸ˜‰
      There is also a Sweet Republic in Dublin, but Galway is well worth a visit.

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