I’m still falling

Sung to the tune of  ‘I’m still Standing’. I honestly don’t know what’s wrong with me at the moment. I know I’m clumsy but I’m taking clumsy to a whole new level and seem to be spending more time on my backside than I do on my feet!

Not content with recovering from the bruise on my arm from the fall on the bridge and the massive bruise on my arse from the Jacuzzi I now have a few more to add to the collection. Last night I went to take the dogs out and they were in their usual giddy state with Rocket-dog trying to ‘piggy back’ on Puggly when they careered into me. Usually I’d be able to stand upright. Not this time, I went down like a pin at a bowling alley.

On the way down I knocked my head off the radiator, smacked the other side of my backside on the floor and hit the already bruised arm. Andy flew off the chair and got me some water – I’d rather have had vodka! Even the dogs looked worried!

Andy was making noises about me going into A & E but if they saw the state of me they’d think someone has been attacking me. He did shine a light into my eyes to see if my pupils were dilated – he watches Holby City and Casualty! He now tells me I have a wonky eye – nice.

Apart from a few aches and pains today and a thumping head ache last night I’m grand. Although I am considering wearing a bubble wrap suit in future.


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  1. Err on the side of caution. A spell of this with me showed raised blood pressure and stress. Have a wee checkup. x

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