Farewell Mr. Yeats

Yeats going

Visitors to Sligo will have seen the mural of W. B. Yeats in the centre of town. Yeats will no longer cast a cold eye on Sligo in the coming days as he will arise and go now.


From the Sligo Tidy Towns Facebook Page:


Sligo Tidy Towns have been informed that, due to a serious deterioration in the fabric of the building and on health and safety grounds, the building on which our iconic mural of W.B. Yeats is painted is to be demolished at 7am tomorrow morning (Saturday 1st October).

We at Sligo Tidy Towns are determined to replace this iconic image and will be considering the options available to us to contract the artist Nick Purdy to replicate the same image on another building .

Sligo Tidy Towns Partnership Limited wish to thank the building’s owner for giving us permission to place the mural on his building and Sligo County Council planning staff for their cooperation in allowing us construct such a beautiful mural which has been photographed by many locals and visitors. These images will form part of the social history of Sligo for many years to come.

Goodbye Mr. Yeats

It’s been nice seeing you W. B. Hopefully you’ll be back again soon.

Cars pass by

As mad as the mist and snow

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