Pokémon Go

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I’m on a bit of a rant so forgive me 😉

I’ve seen so many negative comments about Pokémon Go that I’ve decided to give my opinion. There are people all over Social Media complaining about ‘young people’ with their heads stuck looking at the mobiles phones, ignoring everything and everyone around them.

Here’s my take on it and as always I’m speaking from it from my point of view. Not only is Jono playing Pokémon Go but I am too. If you can’t beat them join them! What I’ve noticed is that it’s encouraging Jono to leave the house and to walk as much as he can – which is great news from a physio point of view as he’s meant to be walking more.

I’ve also noticed a nice little community forming with the Pokémon Go players, they are actually talking to each other in town and there are a few Pokestops which are usually quite busy with players. It’s great to see this happening.

For those of you who don’t know anything about Pokémon Go it’s almost like a treasure hunt played through the phone. Not only that but along the way places of interest are pointed out – which is good if you don’t know much about your town or the place you are visiting. In some cases a snippet of the history is given.

There’s also a map – which has turned out to be better than Google Maps. We couldn’t find the Pearse Library the other week but Jono had Pokémon Go open and the library was listed so we found it!

As always it’s everything in moderation but if it’s encouraging people to get out and get active and talk to their peers than I think it’s a good thing. To the haters don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.

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