Bricks and Jazz in Derry

Brick Wonders

Today Jono and I went to Derry to see the Brick Wonders exhibition at the Nerve Centre in Derry. It’s a Lego exhibition and had been running since February.

Brick Wonders

I did think it would be a bigger exhibition than it was. I really liked the airport scene and the London scene but I did feel some of the layouts were quite small. It was grand for little people as there was a lot of Lego they could have played with afterwards. Jono just wanted to see the exhibition, so we were only there for about 20 minutes.


We always visit the Guildhall whenever we are in Derry. It’s a stunning building and this time I actually got to see the water feature working outside it. We also walked around the exhibition and up to the hall itself. For lunch we ended up back at the Nerve Centre for Cafe Nervosa. I’d highly recommend it, just £1.95 for a bacon or sausage bap and a tea or coffee. It’s great to get a bargain!

Dancing in Derry

After lunch we had a little walk around the shops. We ended up at the Foyleside Centre where The Jazz Aces were playing. I’d never heard them before but they were great! I loved the dancing too – I was itching to join in. It’s all part of the City of Derry Jazz Festival which runs until May 2nd so do check it out if you get a chance. I’d certainly go back to see them.

I’m just about recovering from our bus trip home. I have a feeling the driver thought he was in ‘Need for Speed’! Me nerves are in tatters! It was a grand day out though.

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