Enchanting Eindhoven

The Blob and Philips

This is such and overdue blog post. It’s almost a year since we went to Eindhoven in the Netherlands. Ryanair had cheap flights so we decided to go somewhere different and somewhere that we hadn’t really thought about before – so Eindhoven was the place.

Flying at sunset

We had no preconceived ideas about the place, although I was expecting to see lots of clogs and tulips (about as likely as visitors to Ireland get to see Leprechauns!) When we arrived at Eindhoven airport it was just a short bus ride to the town – it all went a bit pear-shaped from there as we couldn’t find our hotel and couldn’t get google maps as we had no wi-fi. So we ended up getting a taxi for the short journey.

Boutique Hotel Glow

We stayed at the Boutique Hotel Glow which is right in the centre of Eindhoven. It was a lovely modern hotel, with very friendly staff and complimentary coffee and hot chocolate (as much as you wanted!), there were quite a lot of trips made to the machine!

Musical contraption

Eindhoven is a fascinating place, it’s a real mix of old and new. It’s famous for the football stadium and light bulbs! There’s even a Philip’s museum. The main thing that stood out for me where the huge amount of bicycles. Everyone cycles everywhere. All the roads have cycle lanes, which I forgot about most of the time and almost got hit by the odd bike! You also never knew what you were going to see, hence the musical yoke above!

Bike park

The pic above is the escalator to the bike park – yes there is even a bike park! It’s under the main shopping area.

Eindhoven at night

Eindhoven felt like a very safe place to be. The people were really friendly and thankfully most of them spoke English. As far as eating out goes there are the usual fast food places. There are also vending machines dotted around the place with random processed foods in it – we couldn’t tell what they were so we took a chance and ordered some.  One was like a crispy pancake and the other like some kind of sausage in breadcrumbs! We also had quite a lot of stroopwafels (waffles with caramel in the middle) – you can buy them in Tiger Stores here in Ireland – well worth trying.

Happy Italy

We were a bit of a disaster when it came to eating out, mainly because of our budget. So as random as it seems we went to an Italian! This place was called Happy Italy and was very popular as the queue was halfway down the street. It was fab though, the pizza cost €6 and was huge. We also got a nutella pizza to takeaway just to try it. We were so full up though we ended up having it for breakfast. I would definitely go back here again if I went back to Eindhoven.

Beekse Bergen

One day we went to Beekse Bergen which is a safari-park near Eindhoven. It sounded great on the website but in reality not so good. As we didn’t have a car we had to get a train and bus to the park, it was on a Sunday so the bus only ran once an hour. Public transport is also very expensive in the Netherlands, hence the reason we didn’t venture far.

Safari park

We went on a bus tour of the safari park. It started off OK with the tour guide speaking English and Dutch but she soon gave up on the English! So we just looked a the few animals we could see, not helped by people standing up on the bus and blocking our view. If I was going back to Eindhoven I wouldn’t visit here again.


All in all we had a great time in Eindhoven, Lucy was very impressed with the huge Primark (Penneys) and we seemed to spend a lot of our time here! Lucy bought so many things she ended up wearing most of them back on the plane – good old Ryanair and their baggage allowance! I would definitely go back to the Netherlands again. You can see the rest of my photos here.

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