International Evening at the Ballina Salmon Festival

Ballina Salmon FestivalYesterday Lucy and I went along to the International Evening at the Ballina Salmon Festival. I saw the festival featured on the 7 O’Clock show on TV3 and it sounded great so we thought we go along to see what was happening.

Bureau de Change

We paid a visit to the festival Bureau de Change so we could get the local currency, which we could use to buy mouth-watering food and drink.

Festival Ecu

Walking through Ballina it was like we were in several different countries all at once. The smells, the sights, the sounds and the tastes. Food from all over the world was featured and it only cost 2 Ecu’s per portion (which was the equivalent of €3). Such a great idea not to have the stall holders handling money and so nice to have such a reasonably priced event – it was free to get into as well.

Rackhouse Pilfer

Sligo’s own Rackhouse Pilfer were just one of the many acts entertaining the crowd and what a crowd there was.


The weather certainly didn’t put a damper on the spirits, although we did almost lose a couple of eyes due to the umbrellas!

Serving food

There were so many dishes to choose from we tried Mexican churros, American Jambalaya, chimichurri from Argentina, Irish stew and a fab Ghanaian curry. It’s funny that the biggest queue was for the burgers though!

Chinese dragon

We had a really lovely time, well done to all the organisers for such a great event, the rest of my photos are here. The festival continues all weekend, you can find out what’s on here.

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  1. Lovely photos all round–especially the Ballina Cowboys. You captured the evening wonderfully well. Well done, and thanks to everybody to took part. The Cowboys.

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