Magnestism Magnetism, a major contemporary art exhibition will open to the public today. It’s located in the old Snia/Saehan factory that is just behind Hazelwood House. I was luckily enough to go along last night for a preview. It was a bit strange for me as I explored the factory a few years ago with Derelict Nation so it was very different to see it last night full of people. I only took a couple of photos with my phone so you can go along and see it for yourself.


Magnetism runs from June 28th to September 27th 2015 Open Tue—Sun, 12pm—7pm. Closed Mondays. You can find out more about it here.

In the meantime I’ll leave you with a few images of the factory from 2013.

The empty desk

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  1. Great to see your before and afters of factory, Val. Happy the hideous space is at least being cleverly re-imagined and utilized as an arts exhibition venue. This takes chic Industrialism to a whole new level!

  2. It must have been an interesting exhibit. I find the Snia / Saehan site there incredibly unique with the 1700s manor house, and then the factory itself behind it. I happened onto it while researching Saehan Media which used to manufacture MiniDiscs, although AFAIK not at that site. Thanks.

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